For Foreign Workers Details of the special training E-learning course on wheel replacement and commissioning

E-Learning Training Guide

A guide that describes how to apply for the course.

Here is a document with information on how to apply for the course
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This is a guide to the E-Learning course from start to finish.

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Machine and free grinding schedule Example)

Free Grinding Schedule Example)

E-Learning Safety Training for Foreign Workers: FAQ

How does the course work? Will there be an actual instructor?
The course will be taught only through video content on our website.
There are two types of video content: practical training and academic training. In the academic training, you will take a test to confirm your current level of understanding according to your learning level. In the practical training, after watching the video contents for practical training prepared by us, you will be asked to perform the same practical training at your company.
We will not stop issuing certificates based on test results or skill level. However, if you do not understand any part of the course, please review the video contents to gain a better understanding.You may then re-run the tests. In that case, you may leave only the test that you judged to be good.

Why do we need safety training in the first place?
In Japan, safety training at the time of employment is required by the Occupational Safety and Health Law, and it is an important training that management may be punished for not providing.
In particular, those who are involved in "work related to the replacement and trial operation of insulators" are said to require special training.
However, the special training requires knowledge of the Labor Standards Law and the Safety and Health Law, and although many companies have complete practical training, they do not have legal training, so when a problem occurs, it may be judged that the training was not satisfactory.
For this reason, we have a number of businesses that have received our training under the supervision of dedicated instructors who have experience in both the practical aspects and the legal aspects of the Labor Standards Law.

What does it mean for foreign workers?
The reason why it is called "for foreign workers" is because the general textbook for learning the Occupational Safety and Health Law is so difficult that even a Japanese professional worker would find it difficult to learn.
Therefore, foreign workers who are not yet proficient in Japanese have a problem of not being able to understand the Japanese language, making it very difficult for them to learn and not being able to understand the textbooks and courses.
For this reason, we provide video content and training materials in the languages of the foreign workers (currently Vietnamese, Indonesian, and Chinese).

Why are there two types of grinding: mechanical grinding and free grinding?
There are two types of grinding processes: mechanical grinding, which is performed with stationary large grinding machines, and free grinding, which is performed with hand grinders and other items commonly referred to as sanders.
We offer courses that allow students to perform both mechanical and free grinding at once.
The free-hand and mechanical grinding courses take a total of 12 hours, including 7 hours of classroom training and 5 hours of practical training.

Is there anything I need for the course?
You will need to have internet access and a hand grinder (sander) and a double-headed grinder.
Please note that you do not need to prepare the same equipment that is used in the course!
We believe that the accuracy of the practical training will be improved if you can use the sanders and double-headed grinders that you usually use at your company for the practical training.
I know what it is, but can you give me a quote?
Yes, you can create a quote just for us.
Just go to the website below, fill in the required information, and we will send you a quote within the next day or two!

What is the practical training and what do I need to do?
In the practical training, the trainees are requested to discuss the procedures and points of caution with each other while watching the video and touching the actual equipment.
The main purpose of the practical training is not only to touch the equipment, but also to discuss what to be careful about when actually handling the equipment.
How do I apply for the program?
Our quote site
Please contact us for a quote.
The course will start on the 1st or 15th of the following month, regardless of the date of application.
After we confirm your application and payment, we will send you
(1) URL of the website for viewing the video for the training
2) Materials for the course We will send you an email with the following information
※The URL for viewing is different for each applicant. Therefore, if you delete the email, you will not be able to enter the course homepage. Please do not delete the email and save it until the end of the course.
※If you delete your email, we will resend it to you up to two times, and after the third time, you will have to reapply. If you delete your email, we will resend it twice.
What happens when I finish? When do I get my certificate of completion?
After you have completed the academic and practical courses, please scan and convert the section completion test into a PDF or other format.
For more information about scanning, please refer to here.
 Scan a paper document with a copy machine and convert it to PDF! How to save as electronic data
After that, you can send it to us by clicking the "Submit Confirmation Test" button at the bottom of the video viewing site. Once you have sent us your answers, we will check your answers. Once the answers are confirmed, we will send you a certificate with your name and other information by e-mail within 3 business days from the date you sent it to us, and the course is complete.


お問い合わせは「メールのみ」とさせて頂き、返信は「3営業日以内」とさせてもらいます 。
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