Reasons why safety training at the Japan Manufacturing Kyoto Craft Company is chosen

Why our education is chosen [1].

Practical education with a thorough understanding of the workers

Legal safety training materials are available in Japanese, Vietnamese, Indonesian, and Chinese, making it easy for workers to learn. In addition, we use "action learning" that emphasizes dialogue to provide training that enables employees to acquire on-the-job skills, and we are able to provide training that is in demand by the times, such as training for young people and women only.

Why our education is chosen [2].

Education content that is less burdensome to daily operations

We offer both "free grinding" and "machine grinding" special education courses, which are required by law, at one time, and you will receive a certificate of completion. We keep the efficiency of your company's preparation in mind, balancing daily work and training.

Why our education is chosen [3].

Consultants with extensive practical experience

Unlike companies that only specialize in teaching, our consultants have a lot of practical experience.


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