Our company is implementing the following five of the 17 sustainable goals.

In addition to the certificate of completion, we also post the names of the companies and workers on our website, and present them with a certificate of appreciation for their support of the SDGs.

List of companies/participants who have taken the course

Outline of the companies involved

List of participants

Company name:Fujikoh Corporation

Company websitehttps://www.fujikome.net/

Representative Director: Shigeki Fujii


Company Headquarters Location1080-2 Hojo, Himeji City, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan 670-0947

Date of implementation:August 2021


  :Doan Cong Lick №26952969  Male Vietnamese

  :Pham Van Tuan №40530524  Male Vietnamese

  :Ngyuyen Xuan Bach №75920009 Male vietnamese 


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