A company that creates "Monozukuri

Our daily lives would not be possible without manufacturing, which is the crystallization of a lot of wisdom and technology.


We are surrounded by so many things, from a small screw to crafts that we take for granted and don't even notice.


Monozukuri always begins with a single person full of hope and passion who dreams of a prosperous world, and the baton is passed on to the next generation.




Nippon Manufacturing Kyoto is not a company that directly engages in manufacturing.


However, in the midst of advancing technological innovation and diversifying manufacturing industries, we aim to create an environment where people and companies who are passionate about manufacturing can devote themselves to it.


In other words, to create a place where "monozukuri" can be created.

As their cheerleader and coach, I would like to be the one to accompany them. I hope that I can be a cheerleader and a coach for them, and pass them on to the next generation.

What Japan Manufacturing Kyoto Aims to Achieve

1] Education of people involved in manufacturing in Japan


Through support for safety education, we will make the manufacturing industry safer and more stable.




2] Breathing new life into Japanese manufacturing


We will produce tangible and intangible Japanese technologies and manufacturing from our own perspective.

Message from the President

Digging Deeper into the Local World of Zipangu

In the past, the East and the West had completely different cultures and customs.


For example, black tea is popular as a traditional food culture in England. However, the ingredients for this tea originated not in England, but in faraway East India.


Westerners who wished to have something rare from the East, perhaps, came into active contact with the East India Company in search of trade.


The East India Company.


Of course, this led to many conflicts, but it also rediscovered different cultures and opened the door to trade.


Over 500 years have passed since then, and the wave of globalization is now covering the world.


In our networked society, the earth has become smaller and smaller, and while we know what is happening tens of thousands of kilometers away, we don't pay attention to a flower blooming in our yard a few meters away.


Humans have always been earthly-minded, living off of what we can gather or catch in our surroundings.


I have come to strongly believe that we Japanese need to dig deeper into our hazy roots, into Japan before the Edo period, and reevaluate our values.




Japan's manufacturing industry has developed rapidly since the end of the war, but there are still moments that remind us of the manual labor of more than 1,000 years ago.


I would like to stir the world once again by pushing manufacturing and value to a new stage. I hope so.




Representative Director, Japan Manufacturing Kyoto Co.


Monozukuri Navigator


Masahiko Ueda

About Us

Company name Japan Manufacturing Kyoto Kogei Co.
Location  104-7 kaseda biwanoshou jyouyousi, Kyoto 610-0117 
Representative Masahiko Ueda

(Education business)


Online safety training courses based on laws and regulations (Health and Safety Law)


Technical training aimed at expanding skills


((Cultural Promotion and Sales Business)


To make Japanese cultural and technological values competitive overseas.



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